Moog Theremini!

Posted: 6/12/2020 3:03:28 AM

From: The East of Netherlands

Joined: 6/18/2019

Welcome Jocre8,
the Theremini did get a lot of flack, but I did get one even after reading many not so positive opinions on it, I still figured it would be a way to try if in practice the touchless interface was something I could get along with, and if not it could still be a source of intersting editable sounds with options to connect it to a computer for MIDI interaction/control and one selectable CV to interface with analog synthesizer gear. I think the various sound preset options can make practicing with it more interesting. While I didn't really like the pitch correction option while actually playing I did find it quite interesting to check out and listen to the various tone scales it can be set to. Before I got my 'upgrade' to an Etherwave Plus I did have quite a lot of fun and learning with the Theremini.
I even played in a few jam sessions with it just before I bought my Etherwave . I do understand how people who are used to playing good quality analog theremins can find it too toyish and/or flawed, even unplayable, and I read through this thread and just about any discussion here and on the Moog forums discussing the Theremini, and while aware of the critique and relative shortcomings, it was my first step into my theremin journey, it didn't put me off and I quite enjoyed it as a way to get my feet wet with this theremin-synthesizer hybrid. So I hope you will find plenty of enjoyment with it as well. As for starting new discussions, the Theremin Newcomers and the Theremin General forums would likely be the most appropriate (depending on the topic or question of course).

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