Strange etherwave problem

Posted: 6/18/2018 6:33:46 AM

Joined: 6/14/2018


Bought an etherwave theremin last autumn, built it and played it for a couple of months, then I didn't have time to play for about half a year. When I tried it again both pitch and volume seem severely out of tune, pitch cannot be nulled, nulls when hand is 2-4 inches from the antenna depending on knob setting (should be able to null when no hand near antenna), and no matter what volume setting, volume increates to a max 4 inches from antenna and then fades out (volume should not increase before fading). Could be a tuning problem, but since the circuits are separate, it's a bit odd that they've both developed severe problems at the same time, while in storage, could it be any other common problem? Any clue?

Please help.

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