Posted: 8/23/2021 10:10:09 PM

From: Portland, Oregon

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Hello Thierry!I am a new theremin player as of this year. I picked up a second-hand Etherwave Standard, and have been enjoying it tremendously. I had hoped to extend the range with the ESPE01 module so that I could play more songs. However, when I installed the ESPE01 successfully (I think) it has not added any additional bass to the range of my theremin - and rather than evening out the distance between notes, it instead seems to have compressed the octave closer to the antennae. Have I made a mistake during installation process, or is there something else I missed that needs addressing?The video provided by Ethermagic mentioned a tuning tool provided by Moog, but I do not have this tool as I purchased my Etherwave second hand. Would this adjustment they mention be all that I need to get my theremin working properly?Insights and expertise greatly appreciated!!

I can tell you that

1) Yes, you will need to retune the L11/L6 coils after installing the ESPE01

2) You will need the right plastic tuning tool to do this (please do NOT attempt with a metal tool). Moog sent me one for free just for the asking

Posted: 8/24/2021 2:02:17 AM

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Thank you Bendra - really appreciate the prompt reply!
I will reach out to Moog and I hope they will be able to send me the proper tuning tool.

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