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Let's Design and Build a (mostly) Digital Theremin!

in Theremin Construction

Started by dewster Last updated 2 days ago

Claravox software editor tips, tricks, and successes

in Theremin General

Started by Op106 Last updated 6 months ago

Actual information on Claravox

in Theremin General

Started by bendra Last updated 9 months ago

Moog Theremini - is there a 'linear' setting for equally spaced octaves?

in Theremin Newcomers

Started by Theremin4eva Last updated 384 days ago

Theremini calibration help! 2nd unit still not working.

in Theremin General

Started by Speedo Last updated 406 days ago

Etherwave Standard

in Buy / Sell / Trade

Started by tnewbie Last updated 584 days ago