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Magnetovore Inventor Building New Theremin


David Levi, founder of Magnetovore and the inventor of the magnetic cello of the same name, is hard at work on a new theremin design.  His goal is to create a more playable theremin that will bring more musicians to the theremin community.  We're all for that!

Designing any new theremin is no simple feat, as our electronics savvy readers can attest.  Designing it to be a viable product and a playable instrument is even harder! 

That's why Levi is looking for input from the greater theremin community as to what features and characteristics they would like to see in a new model.  To gather information, they've launched a survey on their site and are asking all interested musicians and theremin builders to participate.  It's a short form with an option to leave your personal contact information if you'd like to be contacted for further discussions.

Personally, I would love to see a new professional grade theremin on the market.  Since the Etherwave Pro went out of production, there have been few viable choices.  Some have found used 'Pros for sale second hand, and others have returned to the Etherwave Standard or other models after their 'Pros were damaged beyond repair. 

We wish Levi and Magnetovore all the best in their project and sincerely hope they come up with a new high quality instrument that will stand the test of time.

Learn more at

The Night Terrors - Megafauna

Following their 2012 performance supporting Italian Horror soundtrack legends Goblin, Australia's horror-synth heavyweights The Night Terrors were commissioned by the City of Melbourne to compose an album of music with the southern hemisphere’s largest pipe organ.

Recorded on the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ on Friday the 13th June 2014, and launching on Halloween 31st October 2014, "Pavor Nocturnus - Composition for Grand Organ, theremin, electronics and percussion" is an inferno of haunting theremin-led post prog and dark cosmic dance. The most frightening and beautiful Night Terrors recording to date, Pavor Nocturnus will be released on limited edition coloured vinyl through Twisted Nerve Australia / Dual Planet and launched with a free concert at the Melbourne Town Hall on Halloween Friday 31st October 2014.

Eric Ross Releases New Theremin Album

Eric Ross - Music From The Future

Eric Ross has released a new album of music for Theremin and Ensemble.  Music From The Future features Eric Ross (theremins, MIDI guitar, keyboards), Trevor Pinch (Moog synths), Peter Rothbart (EWI), John Snyder (theremin, digeridoo), Joe Perkins (bass), Eric J.Roth (lute), Jason Smeltzer (theremin).  It was recorded live in NY and LA.

The album is available from CD Baby and


Moog Music Responds to Theremini Feedback

Moog Music

If you've been following the discussion in our forums, some of our members have voiced critical opinions of the Moog Music's Theremini Theremin.  Moog Music, Inc. asked us to post this response from their President, Mike Adams:

Dear Theremin Community,

I understand that there are some of you that are disappointed with the most recent Theremin from Moog Music, the Theremini. Some of you feel that it does not advance the Theremin technology and that it may be a step in the wrong direction. I want to assure you that we are listening and we respect all of your opinions. 

In ten years time, the Theremini will have invited tens of thousands of people into the world of the Theremin. Equally as important in my eyes, the Theremini will introduce these customers to the engaging and diverse work of professional thereminists.

Just like with any mainstream instrument (guitar, drums, violin, etc.), there are starter instruments as well as professional instruments. Many never advance past their starter instrument, but some do and that is a direct result of the interaction and fulfillment they have with their introductory instrument. As with all introductory instruments, the Theremini is an opportunity to inspire a new generation of theremin enthusiasts.

Many of these young musicians will never advance their skill level to the point where they can play an Etherwave proficiently, which is okay. However, they will garner a greater appreciation for the theremin, its history, and the individuals that have developed their skills over the course of a lifetime. Some customers may enjoy playing their Theremini with a very high level of pitch correction for years. Others will master the Theremini and then seek the next challenge, which may be an Etherwave, a Burns, or even a custom built Theremin. Regardless, these new enthusiasts will benefit all the manufacturers and musicians that have worked for decades to bring the Theremin and its players to prominence.

Our hope is that more entry level thereminists will ultimately grow a market for new professional level Theremins. At which point, Moog and other manufacturers will look to fill that market with new products that are more appealing to professional Thereminists, such as yourselves. In order to achieve this goal the world needs more thereminists. The Theremini is one way to encourage this outcome.

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read this. As with all Moog instruments, we will continue to improve the Theremini's playability and feature set over time based on user feedback. We have a 60 year legacy of designing and building theremins, and it is our responsibility to continue to develop the market for these instruments. We take this very seriously and greatly appreciate the passion of the Theremin community. As always, we will diligently and passionately continue our work on behalf of current and future thereminists.


Mike Adams

President, Moog Music Inc.

Regardless of what you think about the Theremini, we hope you'll join the conversation in our forums or by posting comments below.

Most importantly, we very much appreciate Moog Music for listening to your collective feedback and responding to your concerns.

CIA Declassifies Article on Leon Theremin

CIA logo

Mother Jones magazine recently published a story about 250 declassified articles from an internal CIA magazine.  Among their 10 favorite articles was a real gem for theremin enthusiasts: an 11 page article on Leon Theremin.  The article reveals


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