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How to reset theremini?

Started by twrainwreck in Theremin Newcomers

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Quarantine session looper improvisation composition.

Started by DreadVox in Theremin Newcomers

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Let's Design and Build a (mostly) Digital Theremin!

Started by dewster in Theremin Construction

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Question on the power supply connection to the pcb for etherwave

Started by Gianluca in Theremin Construction

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Forum Decorum Fails

Started by pitts8rh in Other, Off-Topic, and Misc.

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Make the 2020 Phoenix Electrodeum Classic – Free PCB – Easy Parts List

Started by oldtemecula in Theremin Construction

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Burns B3 Guts

Started by dewster in Theremin Construction

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basic experiments

Started by JPascal in Technical Theory

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Let's Do a Survey of Your Playing Techniques!

Started by pitts8rh in Theremin Technique

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My Tube Theremin

Started by Martin21 in Buy / Sell / Trade

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First Theremin Build

Started by innominata in Theremin Construction

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Velocity Add-On Big Briar / Etherwave

Started by dominik in Effects

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Adventures in Linux Land

Started by dewster in Other, Off-Topic, and Misc.

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Moog Etherwave VS Big Briar Etherwave??

Started by kudos in Other, Off-Topic, and Misc.

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My New Year gift to TW: A new theremin circuit

Started by Thierry in Theremin Construction

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Theremin pitch changing over time

Started by petitegeek in Theremin Newcomers

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Thomas Grillo

Started by bisem in Other, Off-Topic, and Misc.

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I can play keyboard again, but . . .

Started by rupertchappelle in Other, Off-Topic, and Misc.

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Help! I'm a clueless beginner!

Started by Monica in Theremin Newcomers

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Struggling about Vibrato / Fingering Techniques - Hello from a Chinese Newcomer!

Started by Rein Liu in Theremin Technique

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Using pedals to Making an Etherwave Standard sound like a Pro

Started by feijai in Effects

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March 18th - Theremins at Staff Enrichment Day, Montgomery College

Started by rupertchappelle in Concert & Exhibit Announcements

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Started by Jason in Site News and Suggestion Box

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The Gordin Masazane Theremin

Started by CB Thereminist in Theremin General

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Angel of Death Expressed on Theremin

Started by oldtemecula in Other, Off-Topic, and Misc.

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Teensy 4.0 600MHz ARM Cortex M-7 MCU - ideal for digital MCU based theremin?

Started by Buggins in Theremin Construction

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Zombie Theremin Effect Pedal - I could not help myself . . .

Started by rupertchappelle in Effects

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Getting a Subscope!

Started by Luthier in Theremin Newcomers

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Has anyone here played a Pegna theremin?

Started by patricks in Theremin General

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Generic aliexpress coils to replace original Millers

Started by otaviomad in Theremin Construction

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