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Let's Design and Build a (mostly) Digital Theremin!

Started by dewster in Theremin Construction

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Open Theremin V4 - grounding Problems?

Started by nebuto in Theremin General

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Fixing Claravox volume antenna

Started by booleanjulien in Thierry's Workbench

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Peter Pringle's instructional materials

Started by jimklide in Theremin Technique

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WTB: Peter Pringle's instructional DVD

Started by jimklide in Buy / Sell / Trade

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Big issues with Etherwave after a few months of non-use and a move

Started by nclm in Theremin General

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Moog (New) Etherwave discontiued?

Started by DreadVox in Theremin General

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Howl’s mysterious Theremin Sound

Started by Yngvox Moogsteen in Theremin General

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555 Theremin Volume Control

Started by oldtemecula in Theremin Construction

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Claravox Stand "Set Screw" broken by design?

Started by simon in Theremin General

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CMOS555Theremin - a simple analog DIY Theremin

Started by elektrouwe in Theremin Construction

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I got invited to jam on Landjuweel Festival 2023 in Ruigoord, the Netherlands (video impressions)

Started by DreadVox in Gig Reports

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basic experiments

Started by JPascal in Technical Theory

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Let's Design and Build a (simple) Analog Theremin!

Started by dewster in Theremin Construction

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Control theremin pitch with cv from eurorack

Started by yoreb in Theremin Construction

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Suddenly no sound from Claravox. 10V regulator getting dragged down.

Started by lensherman in Thierry's Workbench

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Th-1 Maestro volume antenna weirdness (video)

Started by Cortinoias in Thierry's Workbench

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The Classic Theremin Phenomenon & Sound

Started by oldtemecula in Theremin Construction

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Started by Martin21 in Technical Theory

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Let's talk about the Subscope theremin!

Started by pitts8rh in Theremin General

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91B...What is it worth ?

Started by mjamul in Buy / Sell / Trade

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Moog sold to inMusic?

Started by dewster in Theremin General

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Started by Aliamo in Theremin General

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My New Year gift to TW: A new theremin circuit

Started by Thierry in Theremin Construction

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TZT theremin

Started by urobot2011 in Buy / Sell / Trade

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Tube Theremins

Started by javelinatina in Buy / Sell / Trade

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Theremin featured in "The Big Door Prize"

Started by Jason in Theremin Sightings

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Big Briar Series 91A for sale on eBay

Started by Jason in Buy / Sell / Trade

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TOKO Inductors Needed for EM Theremin!

Started by therem13 in Theremin Construction

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Let's design and build cool (but expensive) FPGA based theremin

Started by Buggins in Theremin Construction

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