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Teensy 4.0 600MHz ARM Cortex M-7 MCU - ideal for digital MCU based theremin?

Started by Buggins in Theremin Construction

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Etherwave Signature with Mystery Mods

Started by Fritz in Theremin Construction

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Toma sonora Theremin 100 - Bogotá, Colombia - Nov 14th 2019

Started by bichuelo in Concert & Exhibit Announcements

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Let's Design and Build a (simple) Analog Theremin!

Started by dewster in Theremin Construction

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Measuring Antenna Capacitance

Started by ILYA in Technical Theory

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boss GT-001, an short impression

Started by v7peer in Effects

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Adventures in Linux Land

Started by dewster in Other, Off-Topic, and Misc.

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DIY Calculator

Started by dewster in Other, Off-Topic, and Misc.

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Etherwave stopped working, any advice for troubleshoot?

Started by mihozu in Thierry's Workbench

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Harrison 302 theremin antenna change

Started by invisiblejelly in Technical Theory

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basic experiments

Started by JPascal in Technical Theory

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Pedal for a "pizzicato" effect?

Started by Boulayo in Effects

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Let's Design and Build a (mostly) Digital Theremin!

Started by dewster in Theremin Construction

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Who can be contacted (and how) regarding lost login information?

Started by pitts8rh in Site News and Suggestion Box

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Recording the theremin straight into my DAW

Started by aliamo in Theremin General

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Spotted in new game.

Started by UpshawUnderhill in Theremin Sightings

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Tee shirt

Started by DanielMacKay in Other, Off-Topic, and Misc.

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Self-composed theremin music

Started by thereminfanaten in Composing for theremin

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Precision Pitch Stepper "Theremin" ?!

Started by rupertchappelle in Theremin Technique

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Oscar Peterson -- Hymn To Freedom

Started by DanielMacKay in Repertoire

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Zoom G1on : very first impressions

Started by DanielMacKay in Effects

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Practice, Practice, Practice (informal survey and general discussion)

Started by dewster in Repertoire

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Zoom G1On : a sampler of some patches

Started by DanielMacKay in Effects

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New combination, first improvisation with handpan, theremin and voice

Started by DreadVox in The Working Thereminist

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New member; Sussex, UK

Started by libraquarius in Theremin Newcomers

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DreadVox playing at Willem de Ridder's 80th birthday event in De Toonzaal, 's Hertogenbosch, NL October 14th 2019

Started by DreadVox in Concert & Exhibit Announcements

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Could a Blind Person Learn to Play the Theremin?

Started by oldtemecula in Theremin General

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Theremini Pitch Calibration Problem

Started by EmmaNZ in Theremin General

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Calibrating an Open Theremin v3

Started by desmond in Theremin Construction

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1962 Moog Melodia Theremin - $1200

Started by bendra in Buy / Sell / Trade

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