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Theremin doesn’t really work anymore. Been in storage for years.

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Let's Design and Build a (mostly) Digital Theremin!

Started by dewster in Theremin Construction

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basic experiments

Started by JPascal in Technical Theory

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C4 Synth pedal

Started by rupertchappelle in Effects

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Dekalb Symphony Orchestra performs Spellbound Concerto

Started by SaraAltmann in Gig Reports

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How does a Theremin “antenna” work?

Started by sleepycc in Theremin Construction

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Oscillator phenomenon going in and out of oscillation

Started by vivitern in Technical Theory

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Hello! and a question.

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New Forums Member

Started by DreadVox in Theremin Newcomers

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Midsummer Theremin Waves - Improvisation with Etherwave and Loop Station

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So you've mastered the theremin. Now try this:

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Eyck's method book confusion

Started by yabaro in Theremin Technique

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Which Theremin Should I Buy?

Started by oldtemecula in World Thereminization

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Moog Theremini!

Started by ErMan in World Thereminization

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Build Project: Dewster's D-Lev Digital Theremin

Started by pitts8rh in Theremin Construction

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Tube Theremins

Started by javelinatina in Buy / Sell / Trade

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Let's design and build cool (but expensive) FPGA based theremin

Started by Buggins in Theremin Construction

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Burns B3 Guts

Started by dewster in Theremin Construction

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WS: Phoenix Electrodeum Build

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Etherwave Plus pitch field growing...

Started by escapedpuma in Thierry's Workbench

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Intentional Interference?

Started by luxxnatura in Theremin General

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Subvocalising and/or singing while playing theremin

Started by DreadVox in Theremin Technique

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Question on the power supply connection to the pcb for etherwave

Started by Gianluca in Theremin Construction

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I'm Curious About Using LCR Meter for Theremin

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An Illusion is Arduino Kids Wanting to Build a Theremin Tighter and Cheaper

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Looking at a tube theramin design

Started by Wrnchbndr in Theremin Construction

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ThierryMin 2020 Perfectly Linear?

Started by oldtemecula in Theremin General

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espe01 success.

Started by hairlesshacker in Theremin Newcomers

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Em or ew theremin build

Started by clamhandsmcgee in Theremin Construction

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VCA Circuit

Started by dewster in Technical Theory

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