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Theremin Method Books and DVDs

Theremin Lessons DVD

By: Thomas Grillo

YouTube sensation and Theremin World member Thomas Grillo teaches beginners and advanced players how to play the theremin in this DVD. The perfect companion to your new theremin!

Available in: DVD, Amazon Instant Video (rental)

Mastering the Theremin

By: Lydia Kavina

Lydia Kavina demontstrates beginning theremin technique and performs in this DVD that also ships with many Moog Etherwave models. An accompanying DVD also features Clara Rockmore performing her classic theremin repertoire.

Available in: DVD

The Art of Playing the Theremin

By: Carolina Eyck

This book includes more than 150 exercises and etudes related to practice, introductory explanations for every chapter and numerous coloured pictures on 90 pages. Over 20 well-known as well as new pieces of different skill-levels are included within the book. The lessons are didactically structured in respect to further lessons and workshops you can book with Carolina.

Available in: Book (English), PDF (English), Book (German), PDF (German)

An introduction to the theremin

By: Coralie Ehinger and Jimmy Virani

Playing the theremin correctly beyond the stage of mere sound effects requires specific technique and regular practice, as with all musical instruments. The goal of this book is to guide you on your discovery of the theremin. It is filled with practical advice and provides a sound basis from which to start your theremin training.

Available in: Book (English), Book (French)