Privacy Policy

Updated March 27th, 2018

Our policy is simple. We will never sell or give away your private information without your explicit consent. We do not currently maintain any sort of email list. We will also never send you an e-mail unless you opt in to receive them. We respect your privacy, and we don't want any concerns about privacy getting in the way of your enjoyment of the theremin. You can control whether you receive emails for private messages in your profile settings page, and you can subscribe or unsubscribe to email notifications for forum posts on each thread. By default, you will not be subscribed to any email notifications from the forums. 

When you post in our forums or post comments to articles, we do record your IP address, the type of browser you are using, and something called the Http Referer. These bits of information are necessary for a spam-checking service we rely on. If spam wasn't a problem, we wouldn't care, but we want to help keep the forums on topic, so it's an unfortunate necessity. uses Google Advertising Tracking features along with Google Analytics to help us better understand how people find our site and how easily they find content on the site. We use this information purely to optimize the site for your experience. If you wish to opt out of this tracking, you may do so here:

We participate in affiliate programs to help offset the cost of running this website. If you click an affiliate link to one of our partners (such as,, Musicians Friend, Guitar Center, Reverb, iTunes, Sheet Music Plus, etc.), then those services might use cookies to track your visit. Please review the privacy policies for those companies to understand how they use your data and your rights.

If you have a concern about your personal information on this website or you wish to have your account removed, please contact us and we will work closely with you to address your requests as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reading this far. Now go forth, and play the theremin!