RIP OFF ALERT- PhotoTheremin

Posted: 10/21/2005 4:16:24 PM

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I ordered one last May and paid via Paypal but did not receive it. I emailed Martin Wolper (Professor Television) several times and at first he stalled but now there is no response. This guy is a RIP OFF artist. DO NOT order a Photo Theremin.
Posted: 10/21/2005 6:14:12 PM

From: Leicester, UK

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i don't know if its the same guy - I ordered one and received it and it was rubbish - really just a noise maker and not a very attractive noise at that - I put it in the bin and reminded self you get what you pay for - I have a etherwave pro now.
Posted: 1/19/2006 10:29:44 PM

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Hey! I thought that it was about time that I checked in on Martin XXXXXX (aka professor television and his photo-theremin, and the $90 which he stole from me. I think he may live in Eerie, PA, and I live in Philly, so I was almost considering going out there and having a little face to face. Any thoughts? I ordered mine in May 2004. He emailed a couple times a week later saying that he was really back logged on orders. But since then, nothing.

Until I hear from Professor television (aka Martin XXXXXX) and his photo-theremin scheme (, he better change his name or think of giving up web-related activities because I will certainly try my best to track him down and get my hard-earned money back from him, or at least a photo-theremin. Or maybe I will take a road trip.

Keep in mind that I am not trying to endorse his site but rather desperately trying to pull any sort of traffic in the direction of this posting.

Watch what you order and make sure you know what the terms and conditions are of the service you use to purchase online items. I payed through PayPal and when I thought I had waited long enough to hear from Martin XXXXXX(prefessortelevision), I tried to go through pay pal to investigate but I had waited too long... screwed.

So if you are waiting for your photo-theremin ( from professor television (,

Or maybe I should write a letter?

And if he happens to see this and has a valid excuse, hey, get in touch, we can talk it out.

Ok, this is getting excessive and I have clearly enjoyed my martinis tonite, but I work hard for my money, as we all do, and to get ripped off like this is just ridiculous.

To be continued... unfortunately

Posted: 1/20/2006 9:14:39 AM

From: Jax, FL

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Well, if you haven't done so already, print out the emails where he says he is backlogged etc. and put them in a file with anything else you have, including a printout of the Ebay auction page.

I would try to get him on the phone first and demand your refund.

I know it is hard but you should resist any urges you have to curse him out or worse. As long as you are polite but firm you should be alright.

If the phone doesn't work maybe a trip to Erie is in order.

I know you need to vent and you want to warn people about the guy but maybe there is a good explanation for it. Maybe he will come through if you approach him professionally.

Have you contacted Ebay and Paypal?
Posted: 1/20/2006 9:37:14 AM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

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The above post was edited to remove personal information about "professor television". I understand the frustration you must feel about this scam, but please keep posts here in good taste.

I just noticed that the Google ads to the right seem to have picked up on the topic of "eBay fraud" and offer several investigative services that might be able to help you out.
Posted: 1/20/2006 11:07:46 AM

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Sorry if I was being a bit too extreme but thanks for the support and thoughts. I shally try to restrain myself in the future. Keep on thereminin'!
Posted: 1/20/2006 11:13:04 AM

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Diggy Dog, I have certainly tried contacting this fella pollitely, which eventually and naturally turned to frustration. It seems like there won't be much luck persuing through PayPal as they will only take inquiries within a certain time of purchase.
Posted: 1/20/2006 11:59:54 AM

From: COWafornia

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OK So paypal will not help you. You both live in PA. Seems like fraud. Did you buy it from ebay? Try them . If not try filing a complaint with the local DA (or the one in his town). It seems like what he is doing is fraud.
Posted: 1/20/2006 1:10:33 PM

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I went through his site to purchase the phototheremin so I am pretty sure there was no affiliation with ebay, though I will double check. Thanks for the feedback.
Posted: 1/20/2006 2:01:32 PM
Charlie D

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All those ridiculous quotes on the Photo Theremin website! Heh.

"Really Good! Buy this!" said our manufacturer!

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