Theremin in Brazil - Theremin no Brasil

Posted: 4/30/2008 11:08:49 AM

From: Brasil

Joined: 12/24/2007

Do you want a quality Theremin in Brazil ?? see .
Posted: 4/30/2008 11:27:51 AM

From: Colmar, France

Joined: 12/31/2007

Oh, an Etherwave Clone! Hmmmm.....
Posted: 5/1/2008 5:48:01 PM

From: Kingston, NY

Joined: 2/13/2005

Better than no theremin at all, no?
I posted ( about them when I saw Oscar's post about it. They do clearly state it's inspired by an existing theremin. Just think having theremins available in countries where companies do not distribute is good.

And obrigado rds.
Posted: 5/1/2008 6:34:16 PM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

Joined: 10/5/2005

I would imagine it is based on the original [i]published[/i] design?

(It would be good if you could find a skilled thereminist to demonstrate it, rather than the existing youTube video. I do not think the current one illustrates the instrument's musical potential.)
Posted: 5/2/2008 8:15:55 AM

From: Brasil

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yes, it is based on the original publication of the Moog.I made the coils of a Brazilian manufactures electronic components.The new PCI artwork also made by me.In the youtube have a people playing two musics whith RDS Theremin.Thanks all...
Posted: 9/7/2009 2:47:30 AM

From: Vit�ria, Brasil

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Finally you can listen to music played on the RDS Moog clone:

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