Aerodynamics of the Hovering Hummingbird - April 29th, New York

Posted: 4/8/2006 5:26:09 PM

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The Aerodynamics of the Hovering Hummingbird: Science,
Cinema, and Ways of Seeing

Sat. April 29, Millennium Film Workshop
Curated by Jennifer MacMillan and Bradley Eros

ACROSYNAXIS by Anthony Jay Ptak, Performance for
Thereminvox, 10 min
Utilizing the theremin’s principle of interference to
feed back into itself an exponential deconstruction of
the instrument, the frequency of oscillation along a
unified temporal axis, reflects a recursive bridging
of distance in a soundscape of interference. Much
like the 1000th of a second captured image of
Warrick’s hovering hummingbird, or the Kino-Glaz
reality 24 times per second delineated by Dziga
Vertov, or John Cage’s Future of Music Credo which
alludes to Beethoven as a material operating at 50
times per second and rejects imitative use of the
theremin. This electro-acousmatic work concentrates
on sound as a carrier of information. – AJP

For additional info, please see the blog!

Millennium Film Workshop
66 E. 4th St. (between Bowery & 2nd Ave.)
Phone: 212-673-0090

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