Free Halloween Show -- Inactivists

Posted: 10/18/2006 5:41:27 PM

From: Colorado

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Tuesday, October 31 at The D-Note, Arvada, CO

8pm: Spooky Shawn Mlekush and Vampira Victoria
Shpooky-ness returns to the D-note in the form of guitar loop virtuoso Shawn Mlekush and theremin by Victoria Lundy.

9pm: Slow Children
with their special Halloween set
“We're that old weird thing from the future. the words are what set the melodies, the mood is what sets the words, the circumstances are what set the moods and we is what sets the circumstances.”

10pm: The Inactivists (of Death, since it’s Halloween)
These guys get scarier the time. Theremin, vibraphone, clarinet, saxophone, ukulele, drums and franken-bass. 12 string electric guitar and train whistles. Excessive use of the vibraslap. Scot Livingston flying into the air and falling over his amplifier. What could be scarier than that?

11pm: the Dub Note All-stars
featuring members of Vegas Witchcraft, Super Position, Katalyst, and others.
Info: call Adam Degraff at 303-GO-DNOTE

The D-Note
7519 Grandview Ave
Arvada, CO 80002

Posted: 10/29/2006 2:19:41 PM

From: Kansas City MO

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in the spirit of Halloween
Posted: 10/29/2006 2:23:29 PM

From: Kansas City MO

Joined: 10/24/2006

that got really little,
here's the bigger pic

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