Chris Conway - Contact Light on iTunes / new free tracks

Posted: 7/3/2008 9:16:05 PM

From: Leicester, UK

Joined: 9/23/2005

[b]Chris Conway - Contact Light CD[/b], often featured on Spellbound Radio is now available from iTunes.

It's also available from CDBaby as CD or download

and from as a download

I am also giving away a couple of new tracks from a forthcoming album "Yttrium" from my Continuum trio.
1. "Way Back Out" is downloadable from myspace

2. "Neptunium" is at Reverbnation


Posted: 7/5/2008 7:10:58 AM

From: Leicester, UK

Joined: 9/23/2005

Anyone who downloaded Way Back Out at myspace - I replaced it with a better mix yesterday(Friday 6pm UK time). Whether anyone can tell apart from my nerdy ears or an oscilliscope I don't know but I like it better anyway.

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