Posted: 10/11/2009 11:37:48 AM
Thomas Grillo

From: Jackson Mississippi

Joined: 8/13/2006

Hi All, I've started scripting up plans for a possible youtube video which will feature as many different makes of theremin as possible to help educate newcomers as to the different voices each make of theremin is capable of.

Ofcourse, I've allready got the B3s, Etherwave Pro / Standard, and Wavefront Travel Case, and a mini Gakken covered, but would certainly welcome footage of the Wavefront Classic Style.

What I'm looking for now are examples of everything else that qualifies as a theremin. It can be anything from models which are currently in production, vintage models nolonger produced, or custom homebuilt replicas, kit builds, ect. Please specify this in your video.

What I mainly need in the video is a short run of a slow, vibrato free scale, and one with vibrato, perhaps a short improv. No accompaniment please. The objective is to simply showcase the tonal charactors of the theremins.

If your instrument has multiple tonal charactors, please feel free to demonstrate this.

I've allready noticed differences between the two RCAs which Coalport has, and I would like to catalogue these differences as well, so Coalport, if you're up to it, I'd welcome some samples from you as well.

I also would especially appreciate it if the owners of the tube replicas would kindly contribute to the project as well.

Each video can be anywhere from half a minute, to a minute, or so in length. Don't worry about the total run time of my video, I can upload a 2 hour feature if I wanted to.

Submissions may be made by simply uploading your video to a site such as sendspace, or if it's under 100 megs, (likely), you can use senduit.
Simply send the download link to me at:
thomasgrillo1701 at comcast dot net (insert @ and . as appropriate and remove spaces) Or just head to my profile. :)

Please make sure the video is well lit as your surroundings, and equipment permit. It doesen't have to look like a hollywood production, but just a tip if you want it to look nicely lit, just park a cople of 50W cliplights on mic stands in front of you, and (important), a 30W cliplight well above, and behind you to help bring out the outlines, and enhance detail. (NOT A REQUIREMENT)

I realize most of you have day jobs, and real lives to get on with, so there's no pressure here, it's just something I'm doing as a fill in hobby which I think could be of benifit to those who come to the theremin for the first time.

As it will take a long time for me to put this video together I'm looking at the late December, to mid January time frame for completion of the project if all goes well.

Naturally, contributors will be given credit for their contributin.

Oh, I only want antenna based theremins such as matryomins, handheld pitch only, multi-antanna, ect, but please, not photo based, ribbon, or mechanically controlled devices. This is all about the real theremins.

Please do not post download links here, as I still can't get email responses from these threads, and really don't have a whole lot of time to check the threads as I used to.

Thank you, good luck, and good day.

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