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One last question.

Does the range for a semitone increase as you move farther away? for instance if you are one centimeter away and it's one centimeter to the sharp of the note when you are a foot (um, 33cm or so I think) away is it more like 3cm to the next simitone or is it the same?

I know this is probably best asked somewhere else but... i already got your attention...
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Depends what kind of Theremin. But yes, that effect does occur in some (others, expensive ones, have even spacing throughout). As Gordon says, it's entirely relative to the individual player.
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Alright, thank you all.

Sorry Mr. Lightfoot, in re-reading your original post I didn't even see what originally offended me.

I'm not the greatest with English.
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Not at all. I figure you were projecting a few misconceptions. Just because we play this weird instrument and make weird music doesn't make us all weird and stuck up about it. Well, not stuck up. Weird, maybe. Not me though. Obviously. But some of the others. Bit odd, you know; a couple of degrees off True North. Hush now. Don't tell them. They're harmless enough.

And I think your English is just fine. You certainly can express yourself very clearly.

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