Effects for Theremin

Posted: 9/13/2007 12:06:14 PM
Don Bartholf

Joined: 8/9/2007

I'm looking for an in-line effect to give my MOOG Etherwave a fuller choral sound. I have carted my Theremin around Chapel Hill trying guitar effects, and have been disappointed. Any suggestions?
Posted: 9/13/2007 1:14:15 PM

From: Leicester, UK

Joined: 9/23/2005

I have been happy with one of the cheaper Lexicon rackmount effects - I have the MPX110 but the MPX200 is similar perhaps better interface.
The sounds are subtle - it's not for mangling - and allow for 1 effect and 1 reverb at the same time.
It also has a input volume - vital for theremin effect unless you'e had it modified to work with guitar effects. The theremin output tends to be a bit high for standard guitar effects without an input volume or a preamp/DIbox making them sound thin.

Not meaning to state the obvious but changing the amp too can be a major factor in warmth of sound.

just my 2shillings

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