Help learning vibrato?

Posted: 2/3/2009 12:33:49 PM

From: Chillicothe, Ohio USA

Joined: 1/29/2009

Thanks to Jeff and Thereminstrel for your replies. (BTW, after readin my last post, I noticed what could be misinterpreted as a misplaced modifier! The fellow neophyte to whom I was referring was StarryKitten, not Peter Pringle, of course!)

I unfortunately have a full time job that involves a lot of typing, but the work is not quite as repetitive as that which I was doing a year and a half ago. I take frequent breaks from typing. As to my technique thusfar, I typically use the "pencil writing" posture as described in another post (sorry, cannot recall who posted this technique!) I find the vertical forearm with side-to-side vibrato to be quite awkward.

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