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Posted: 12/14/2006 11:59:55 PM

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I found this video on
(Click the link in the left side bar that says "quicktime" to get it)

It seems to be Lydia Kavina, although the page claims it's Lev's "granddaughter". (Lydia is his sister's granddaughter, I believe.) It's hard to tell though because the video is weirdly cropped to show almost nothing but her hands: you can't, in fact, see the instrument.

The performance itself is marvelous. Assuming I'm right and it's Lydia Kavina, she's not playing in her customary style, it's like she's imitating Clara Rockmore... and very well, I might add. It does however have her customary "cold" instrument sound, and that looks like her clothing style and her chin to me.
Posted: 12/15/2006 1:46:35 PM
Charlie D

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How odd. It looks like some sort of practise session to me - she changes piece half way through, and she doesn't have an accompaniment. On the other hand, it's a lovely performance in that it actually has some chroma due to the vibrato she's using.

Thanks for sharing this video.

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