Another theremin manufacturer

Posted: 10/19/2007 10:38:44 PM

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In Argentina:
Posted: 10/20/2007 11:23:57 PM

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I like that they're attempting to claim that their instrument is quality based on its linearity (which looks nice, I wonder how they measured it) and its waveform (which they compare to an RCA). I approve of manufacturers making measurable, respectable claims about their instruments. (Anybody know if these happen to be true?)

They also use pretty wood. Beyond that, it looks like they're trying to be like the Etherwave.
Posted: 10/21/2007 6:54:19 AM

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I have seen one recently.

Unfortunately it was unadjusted and we did not have time to fix it, but I suppose I will try it another time.

By the moment I can say some details about it.

It is like an etherwave but bigger: if you look at the circuit it seems very close to it.

I personally don't like very much the look of the wood (like a 70s furniture), but it is just a matter of taste. I liked more the old enkelaar, which is smaller and lighter.

Otherwise, the "Pro sound" has some details an original etherwave lacks: an standby button and more control of the shape. The first one is obviously a need for a theremin.

Etherwaves are becoming even more overpriced in Spain, so if this instrument sounds simillar and has a good linearity it would be a good option from my point of view.

Anyway, since I got a proffessional level theremin like the E.Pro, now standard etherwaves (and etherwave clones like this) don't sound to me satisfactory. I suppose it is a common sensation between people. (Probably If you own an old-fashion valves theremin, everything else sounds terrible to your ears)

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Bumping this in case any one is interested.  They have a model called the "Ethervoice" which appears to be very similar to the BigBriar 91.  Look under "venta" to see a pic and some specs.  Anyone know anything about these?

Posted: 1/5/2016 5:33:13 PM

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Hello Senior,

Let me help you with your post. I think I know who designed this one, DS, he has great skills, maybe he will chime in. Very nicely done with an authentic sound. In classic theremin design he may just be "The Last Man Standing".  Christopher

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