Odna [Alone]

Posted: 4/2/2008 2:40:55 AM

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I happened across the follow essay:

Weird vibrations: how the theremin gave musical voice to Hollywood's extraterrestrial "others".(electronic music from 1950s science fiction films)
From: Journal of Popular Film and Television | Date: 9/22/2002 | Author: Wierzbicki, James

Which contained the passage:

"It is not likely that the average American moviegoer would have been familiar with the theremin's earliest cinematic uses in the Soviet films Alone (1931) and Komsomol: The Patron of Electrification (1934). with scores by Dmitri Shostakovich and Gavreil Popov, respectively."

and I went looking for the movies online. I discovered that the score for Odna has recently been recorded by the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra and is availble on CD:

and by the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra:

I also discovered [thanks to the Internet Movie Data Base, imdb.com and a correspondent in Germany] that the restored movie with new sound track is available as a German DVD [DVD Region Code 2] with English subtitles:


I have no idea who the theremin performer is, but I have a copy of the restored movie coming. Does anyone out there have one of the CD's?
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If necessary I will be able to help in purchasing items in both Germany and France since I cross the Rhine river multiple times a week when visiting my clients. So don't hesitate to ask me if you need some help in this corner of Europe.
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It seems that Shostakovich only uses the theremin in one piece, but here is a sample:

Frankfurt Radio Symphony version, with Barbara Buchholz:


Track 38 (short clip)

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