electric wave and health

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have a question.^^

1. theremin's electric wave become worse healthy? like a mobile electric wave or TV.

2. I went to musical instrument shop for buying mic stand. but most of stands is a steel. no problem?
QuikLok A497 Microphone Stand is not steel?

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The question about health comes up every now and then, and the best answer I can give is: we know of no evidence that it causes health problems. Consider that both Leon Theremin and Clara Rockmore lived to very old ages. If you're concerned about this, an optical theremin might be a better choice for you.

Having a steel mic stand should not be a problem.
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If theremins are a problem for you, you are going to have a real tough time finding a place to live on planet earth. LOL

Most theremins operate in the AM radio band. While they do generate an electric field that is significantly larger in amplitude than all the radio waves surrounding us all the time the wavelengths and energy levels are not conducive to heating up your molecules like the magnetron in your microwave oven can.

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And we do have evidence that playing the theremin can benefit your health and wellbeing.

I'd say get one, jump in,
and keep on playing!

Let us know how it goes.
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Theremin emitted RF is extremely low power and low frequency - you are exposed continuously to far more 'dangerous' levels from mobile phones, WiFi, and other electronic equipment (even non-radio appliances can emit more that a Theremin - you may find that your bedside digital alarm clock exposes you to as much RF and for a longer time than your Theremin does).

Absolutely nothing to worry about.

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