Need some RCA physical measurements

Posted: 12/6/2006 8:47:12 PM

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I am building an RCA replica, and I need a favor from a generous, kind-hearted RCA theremin owner:

I have constructed my chassis to size based on various sources, and the only thing I simply cannot find is the measurements telling exactly where on the chassis to locate the pitch and volume knobs and the light jewel.

Based on the cabinet dimensions provided by dayfan and JS, I could make an educated guess as to where they are to be located, but I want this chassis to drop right into its cabinet and have the parts line up precisely with the oval hole in the front.

Specifically, could some kind soul carefully remove the chassis from their RCA and measure how far from the side, bottom and top these items are? Also, while the chassis is exposed, could you measure details of the mounting tabs on the side? (screw hole locations, dimensions of the tabs themselves).

With this information, I will be able to exactly recreate an RCA chassis. The goal here is to make a chassis that would drop right into an existing RCA cabinet.
Posted: 12/28/2006 8:55:29 PM

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You can deduce exactly where the controls and the jewel go by looking at drawings, 3, 5,and 8, front, back and shelf, of my article on values and cabinet dimensions. The outer edges of the chassis sit on the chassis mounting rails so you can determine where the chassis and shelf sit in the case from side to side. The center points of the ends of the hole in the front for the controls are the centerpoints of the controls. The vertical location can be detemined by where the shelf sits in the cabinet relative to the front hole and chassis. The jewel is located on the same line vertically as the controls and half way between them. Kinda like a puzzle but ought to work.


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