Etherwave Pro and Korg ms-10

Posted: 3/5/2006 1:41:13 PM

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I have just joined a group that has a wonder at their garage: a Korg ms-10, which seems to be a cheap imitation of a minimoog from 1978. There is an auction of this same keyboard here:

They don't know how to put it to work, and I saw there was a CV input control, so I quicky wondered myself that using it with the PRO would be just great...

I Wanna know if anyone else has tried before or even if someone else here has a Korg ms-10 himself to tell me how to put it to work again. Probably it works but just needs some wires at the front panel.

Thanks a lot guys.
Posted: 3/9/2006 4:47:40 AM

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Korg MS10 Owner's manual:

By the moment, this is what I have found and I am reading ...
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Should be possible to use this with the E Pro.
The only thing is that, the E Pro would probably work on the "Oct per Volt" standard that all Moog synths work with, while Korg equipment work on another standard - "Hertz per Volt". If you plug in the CV (Control Voltage) Out of the E-Pro to the CV In of the MS-10, you wn't be able to track BOTH gear to be in tune (as the standards are different here).

A way to work around this is to plug E-Pro's CV Out to something that says "FM In" (in the Patch Panel under the "Osc Box") in the Oscillator section of the MS-10. Then "tune" the MS-10 (using the FM knob on the lower left of the panel), to be unison to the E-Pro's pitch. Test to see if they track one another up and down several octaves by playing your E-Pro.

The Volume CV of the E-Pro should be plugged into the VCA In to control volume. Remember, to set the MS-10 to its "Normal Setting" (as mentioned in the manual) before modifying.

See if this can start you off to getting something.
As I said, I've not tried this before as the Etherwave doesn't do CVs!! But I do own a MS-20 (bigger brother of the MS-10 with 2 oscillators instead of 1) and a MS-50, which is sort of like a keyboard-less MS-10.

Let me know how it goes.


Posted: 7/1/2013 8:43:20 PM
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Korg MS10 Owner's manual:

By the moment, this is what I have found and I am reading ...

Hi did you buy the Korg MS10 ? I first played the MS 10 in 1978 and bought it again last year. 3 days ago a moog etherwave plus found its way to me. I would like to work with both via LV out etc. Have you tried ? Any suggestions?

Posted: 7/1/2013 11:45:39 PM

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AFAIK, the MS-10 in its original state was a V/Hz instrument.. As in, one needs to input an exponential CV.

The EW outputs a linear CV (V/Octave) - so I do not think direct connection is possible - you would need to add a exponential converter between the EW CV Output and the MS-10 CV Input..

The implication of direct connection is that (A) the response from the MS-10 will be highly non-linear, and (B) the pitch from the MS-10 will not track the pitch from the EW.


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