Etherwave Standard problem, common or no?

Posted: 3/30/2006 11:31:12 PM

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Hi All. I've owned my Moog Etherwave Standard since around December and it's been in for repair longer than in my posession. It arrived and workd like a champ for about two weeks. Suddenly, I was not able to get any volume. When I turned the amp WAY up I could faintly hear that the pitch was working. I called Moog and after the engineer talked me through some diagnostics I sent it to them for repair.

After about 8 weeks I got it back. The tech explained to me by phone that a diode had blown. Having had some electronics experience (I'm a HAM radio operator) I read the schematic and determined that it was probably D1, which is the diode in the volume circuit. The tech confirmed this for me. I asked what might have caused the problem and we couldn't come up with anything concrete.

After about a month the same problem happened again. I sent it out and had it back in just under a month. The tech was still puzzled and this time he replaced the whole board in case there was somthing else he couldn't find.

The only thing we can figure is that MAYBE a static discharge through touching the volume antenna blew the diode. I do remember there being an occasional static discharge but I can't imagine that the design would be so fragile to something so common. I'm also fairly certain that it didn't stop working immediately after a discharge. I am now taking EXTRA care to discharge ANYWHERE else and am avoiding touching EITHER antenna at all. It's, after all, the only instrument you don't need to touch. I'm scared to death that I might accidentally brush up against the volume antenna and zap it again.

I've already informed the tech at Moog that if it happens again I'll simply call him to obtain the specs on the diode so I can replace it myself and save a LOT of time and shipping costs.

My question for you is this, have any of you encountered this problem? Is there an engineer out there who can either validate or refute our static theory? Here are more specifics: The Etherwave Standard is plugged into a grounded surge protector strip and is playing through a small FirstAct guitar amp which is powered through the same strip.


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Posted: 3/31/2006 12:25:34 AM

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If there was something wrong with the power supply, it might occasionally fry a part on the main board. It would be logical if it was the same part every time. I recommend that if it happens again you should demand they replace the power supply at a minimum, or even better, the whole thing.
Posted: 3/31/2006 2:19:22 AM

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The folks at Moog have been very good about it. I have no compaints with the factory. In fact, the last time they had it they did replace the whole board, which is, in essence, a new Theremin since the board is basically the whole thing except for the pots, antennae, and the wooden box.

Thanks for the tip about the supply. If it happens again I'll try that.


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