Einstein's music drawings

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OK. This is only vaguely related to the theremin - I figure the best people to ask are the people who have read the old interview with leon theremin (not gonna try and spell his actual name!)

one part caught my eye particularly:

"...Einstein was more interested in the connection between music and geometrical figures: not only color, but mostly triangles, hexagons, heptagons, different kinds of geometrical figures. He wanted to combine these into drawings."

Does anyone have any idea if any of these drawings still exist/have been digitally preserved? I would absolutely LOVE to see what einstein came up with.
Posted: 9/14/2006 12:24:48 PM
Charlie D

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The ageing Lev Termen makes frequent errors in his interview, one of which is the confusion between the cinematographer Sergei Eisenstein (famous for his films which included 'Battleship Potemkin') and the physicist Albert Einstein (famous for his general and special theories of relativity).

Although I believe that Theremin did meet with Einstein briefly whilst on tour (the two actually met after a concert in Europe), I believe I am right in saying that it was in fact Eisenstein with whom he talked extensively whilst in the USA - although he may have met Einstein again in America.

In his interviews, Lev makes the point of explicitly mentioning that it was EINstein who worked with Mary-Ellen Bute, when in fact a quick websearch reveals that she was closely assosciated with Eisenstein. I think it must be confusion rather than coincidence. There's still a huge amount of information the contrary, but I think it's likely to be misinformation circulated from Lev's interviews.

It's really all very confusing.
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Ah nooo. . .

How dissappointing. . I'd love to see einstein's graphical interpretation of music.

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