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Posted: 9/5/2007 3:42:29 PM

From: Redmond, WA

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Does anyone know of any software that can be run like an effects processer on the computer? Basically, I want to input my Theremin line-in and get cool 'Oohs and Aahs' out the other side, like an effects pedal. I have an effects pedal, but it seems limited to guitar distortion type sounds. Maybe something on the TW software page? Those seem to be more for other Theremin-type activities, though.
Posted: 9/5/2007 10:53:03 PM

From: Kansas City, Mo.

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There is a lot of software in the form of VST plugins that can do all manner of filtering and processing.

In order to run a VST plugin, you need to run a VST host. Most audio recording packages, such as Cubase, Ableton Live, etc... allow the use of VST plugins.

This is very general information ... there are packages that run on PCs, Macs, and Linux. You might want to Google "VST Host" and "VST plugin".

If VST isn't your thing, you might want to look into the Chuck package. It is a free download:


Chuck is an object oriented, real-time, on-the-fly, music environment that is most impressive. If you have some familiarity with programming languages such as C, Perl, or Java you will have little trouble with Chuck.

Chuck has the ability (and is very often used) to process real instruments and it is designed as a real-time environment.

For Oo's and Ah's I strongly suggest that you use TWO filters that track with the pitch -- one tuned for the "oo" and the other for the "ah" -- and cross-fade between them. If you simply use one filter the effect will sound like a wah-wah pedal. With the two filter concept, you avoid the wah wah and get a very clear "oo" and "ah".

This probably would be fairly easy to do in Chuck. You would need a MIDI/Audio interface for your computer and some kind of midi controller (a pedal, perhaps) to cross-fade between the "oo" and "ah".

[i]-- Kevin[/i]
Posted: 9/6/2007 8:43:08 AM

From: Jax, FL

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Another option would be one of the multi-effects processors.

I have the Boss GT-6B for my basses and it has human vocal sounds (like the ah;s and oh's you were asking about).

You might check into the GT-6, which is designed for guitars. I probably has the same effect.

There are also a ton of other things you will love about it.

Posted: 9/6/2007 11:27:31 AM

From: Redmond, WA

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Thanks for all the info, Kevin and Diggy.

Kevin, unfortunately, I'm not too much of a programmer (aside from the occasional HTML), so I tried the VST Hosts and Plugins, but was unable to figure out how to get them to work. Perhaps I just got confusing software...I should look further into this.

DiggyDog, is this a separate effects unit or is it computer software? How much does it cost? Where is it available? Does it have orchestral effects too?

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