New e-mail list for Spellbound replaces old Purple Note list

Posted: 11/18/2007 9:49:58 PM
David Vesel

From: St. Louis, MO, USA

Joined: 4/24/2005

Hello all,

The old Purple Note Radio e-mail list was the home for Spellbound for a long time, but when my other program, Escape From Noise, ended, it occurred to me that the vast majority of the subscribers to the list were EFN fans and artists. So to get a fresh start, I have created a new e-mail list for Spellbound.

The SpellboundRadio list will be the official home of Spellbound, a brief program of music for theremin, as well as Spellbound: Musique de Verre, which premieres on December 2.

To subscribe to this new list, please visit and click on the Join This Group! button.

It may ask you to create a Yahoo profile to join. If you don't wish to do this, e-mail me directly at and I can add your address manually.

Thank you for your time and support.

Sincerely yours,
David V

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