Moding Etherwave Plus' Controls: Custom Wood Knobs

Posted: 4/2/2009 6:17:18 PM


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After ordering the Moog Etherwave Plus Field Update, I looked around and found a place that makes beautiful, custom wooden control knobs:

But I didn't know the knob sizes and shaft type used, since I don't have the hardware yet. Within 5 minutes after e-mailing, Amos provided measurements which I thought I'd share with anyone here, who's interested in doing a similar mod.


Our knobs fit a round shaft (secured with a set screw)
I measure the inside diameter of the knob shaft collar at 0.25 inches (6.35mm)

The knob is 24.3mm (0.96 inch) diameter, fluted, with a 1.075in / 26.67mm dia. skirt at the base.

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Posted: 4/4/2009 3:38:10 AM


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My Plus Field Kit arrived at work today. Took it home and gave a quick look over everything.

There are more parts in this kit than I assumed, but a lot of them are just 2 sets of washers and a bolt for all the new front pots (5). Once you place them in the new Plus front panel, the apparent complexity of the parts list clears away quickly.

What's interesting, is that they only give you one extra control knob, so they're expecting you to reuse all the old one's-- SO DON'T THROW THEM OUT with the old front panel if you're planning on getting this update.

The step-by-step instructions are clearly written with nice photos of each major stage of the update process, with great attention to detail. But have no illusions about the amount of labor this kit requires. You'll have to COMPLETELY tear down your Etherwave Standard; this includes all internal hardware, even the mic stand adapter-- just to prep for the update.

Ideally, you'll want access to a drill press, so you can make 3 precise counter sunk holes. A template pattern is in the back of the booklet. If you know someone good with a hand drill, let them make the openings for the CV jacks for you, if you're not comfortable with this. Just don't let them drill the biggest hole completely thru the case bottom! There is also a fair amount of wire cutting, insulation stripping, desoldering, tinning leads and reattaching new wires to the Plus PCB.

Also, you'll need to be able to use a Voltmeter to trouble shoot and test values, and have a grasp of how to internally retune the Theremin after performing this update. If you're not comfortable doing any of these things-- have Moog do the update for you.

Overall, I'm quite impressed with the kit. Users even have the option of choosing (by setting a jumper) how the headphone output works (normal, or pitch preview) Clearly, the Moog folks have worked hard on making solid, well thought out documentation and hardware, for a successful field upgrade experience.

For all the features you get for the low price of the Field kit, I highly recommend it.

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