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Posted: 8/15/2011 11:00:11 AM
RS Theremin

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Lev Sergeyevich Termen was born August 15, 1896 (O.S.) in Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire

memories from friend...

My name is Olia and I live in WI near Chicago and Milwaukee. I am actually a former Lev Sergeevich Termen student. It means that I met Lev Sergeevich back in Moscow in 1979 and was spending time in his shop in an attic of the Department of Physics and observed him building the Theremins including the most complicated one, which to the best of my knowledge, has never been finished.

It was a platform where the player could move his whole body instead of waving a hand in front of an antenna.

Lev Sergeevich was the one who taught me to play his instrument including more complicated version that could play simple chords (two tones at a time by opening and closing a palm in addition to your hand movements).

All his complicated Theremins were built using parts from the toy department (Detskii Mir) in Moscow and at that time nobody in Moscow was interested in his work.

He actually slept in his lab in the attic and had pet mice which he trained to come out to the certain tone of the Theremin!

See, for me it is more of nostalgia to build unique Theremin similar that I used to play.

I really liked your sound Finding Clara's Voice (http://www.oldtemecula.com/theremin/tube_valve.htm) thevoice16.mp3. It came really close to the instrument I used to play built by Lev Sergeevich, unlike all other prototypes I've heard. I'd like to try building something similar to your Clara Voice.

Could you help with an advice? Of course, I am not into electronic devices since I am only a molecular biologist who can tear apart and compose molecules only, not electronic devices, but I have an engineer friend who is willing to help with this project. His idea is even to go with an original tube design, for more mellow sound.


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