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I'm new here...I also know little to nothing about theremins. My question involves construction:
Is it possible to modify a theremin to have dials as opposed to antennae? (I understand that this would remove a significant amount of the "theremin" from the whole thing)
I mean that if there was a way to have two knobs - one to turn for pitch adjustment and one for volume adjustment.

Thanks for you help!
Posted: 2/14/2005 7:20:54 AM

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Welcome to Thereminworld!

What you're asking is certainly possible, but I think if you did that, you could get away with building simple oscillators instead of the dual-oscillator heterodyning theremin design. I'll see if I can dig up some links on building synthesizer modules for you.

Just curious, why are you interested in building a theremin without antennas?

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I think the only real problem you might have is people getting after you for changing the Theremin so drastically still calling it a Theremin.
Posted: 2/16/2005 8:13:17 PM
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I was waiting for someone to reply but I guess not. What you might be looking for is the work of Dr. Paul Tanner and the sound he generated for Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys in the early sixties. It was done your way.

There is not much info out there on the physical construction like the slider volume technique used. I do have a theremin approach that can work with the same note precision.


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