Recordings of Comissioned Works mentioned in Glinsky book?

Posted: 3/20/2005 7:43:23 PM

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One of them is available on a CD sold on Amazon. Search for Rockmore. THe CD is part of a two-disc set of music from the period, and only one track has Rockmore playing, I believe, something like "concerto for theremin and orchestra." That's the only one I've seen.
As far as I know, no recordings of Lucie Rosen exist. Hope this helps!
Posted: 3/21/2005 11:37:10 AM

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The album is called "Ionisation". It's listed in our "essential listening" section of the shopping pages:

This piece is absolutely incredible. If you've seen the documentary film, you hear a bit of it along with some grainy black & white video of clara performing at a young age. If you never thought stacatto was possible on the theremin, give this one a listen.

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