Theremins, Voodoo, Angry Lounge Music, and ComicPunk Converge at the Lion¹s Lair

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For more information about the Inactivists, contact Victoria Lundy at
303 420 4667 fax 303 420 5198 or by email:

For more information about The Little Fyodor and Babushka Band go to

For more Info about The Voodoo Organist go to

Theremins, Voodoo, Angry Lounge Music, and Comic Punk Converge at the Lion¹s

Saturday, April 16
The Lion¹s Lair
2022 East Colfax Avenue Denver, CO 80206 303-320-9200

The Inactivists ­- CD release party for The Inactivists¹ new CD,
"Disappointing Follow-up."
opening for
The Little Fyodor and Babushka Band
The Voodoo Organist

The Inactivists are purveyors of angry lounge rock, hailing from Denver, CO.
With an eclectic mix of instruments -- ukulele, theremin, and clarinet as
well as bass and drums -- coupled with berserk and clever lyrics about
fantastic chairs, laments about losing their clothes, and of course, lost
love, the Inactivists are an energetic live act and unlike any other band in
terms of subject matter and sound.

Their new release, titled ³Disappointing Follow-up², is a sometimes
frenetic, sometimes somber but almost always funny commentary on love,
death, stalking, riding the bus, and, sado-masochism. Samples are available

The Inactivists are the offspring of Denver¹s incestuous music scene. Chris
Budin < drums and percussion < also plays drums for the Reals, guitar and
percussion for Protosonic; he also appears with Brainbucket. Todd Burba -
Clarinet and Saxophone, percussion < also plays with the Sentimental Hitmen.
Scot Livingston < guitars and electric ukulele < was formerly lead
guitarist "The Phlegmtones" as well as lead singer-songwriter for the
blues-punk band Red Eye Revival. Victoria Lundy < theremin < used to be with
the Carbon Dioxide Orchestra and übergroover. Matt Sumner - bass < was with
Rainville before the Inactivists.

³The combination of instruments and humorous off-kilter lyrics make the
Inactivists sound like Morphine and Primus playing a set of Frank Zappa
covers.² < JeffCo News

³They play it straight- if by straight you mean Beefheartian renditions sung
by Kermit the Frog. The instrumentation, while including your standard
guitar/bass/drums also features a plinking ukulele while a theremin weaves
in and out of the mix.² < Enfuse Magazine

"Nerd-punk" taken to the extreme with eccentric instruments, off-beat
arrangements, and comic relief.² < The Denver Post

Also on board for this evening < the full blown Little Fyodor and Babushka
BAND! It's a whole new level of F&B that will fry your eyeballs and ears if
you haven't experienced it yet. Little Fyodor (said, "fee-ay-dor") has been
spreading his unique brand of avant-pop madness throughout the world musical
underground for over a dozen years, releasing three records, countless
cassettes, a video, and CDs, all filled with twisted, satirical songs which,
beneath a crass and maniacal outer shell, express a deep empathy with those
who most acutely experience the frustrations and alienation of modern life's
insect existence. Together with his lovely assistant Babushka, who has lent
her support in an act of mercy reflective of her Olde World upbringing, they
form a guitar and keyboard performance juggernaut, emoting their sad and
angry repertoire with a theatrical, daresay Vaudevillian flair.

The Voodoo Organist is a one-man gothic punk blues explosion. The alter ego
of Los Angeles musician Scott Wexton, he hit the highways over two years ago
on a mission to spread his gospel all over the U.S. and hasn¹t stopped
since. An artist whose methods are as ruthless as the music he makes, Wexton

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