Theremin Player for NW UFO/Paranormal Conference

Posted: 4/16/2005 6:46:13 PM

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The Bellingham,WA Radio and Electricity Museum has an original theremin which they may be interested in bringing to the NW UFO/Paranormal Conference at The Seattle Center Saturday June 4th if they can find someone who can play it. Anyone out there who is skilled at playing a 1929 RCA theremin? More information on our conference and contact information at
Posted: 4/16/2005 9:05:17 PM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

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Ugh, if I lived in Seattle, I would KILL to do this! I do know of a great thereminist in the Seattle area though, so I'll send them mail and ask them to get in touch to you.
Posted: 4/17/2005 5:41:08 AM
Charlie D

From: England

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That sounds like it will be great!
Posted: 4/18/2005 9:26:35 PM

From: chicago illinois

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for some reason i really believe jason would kill for that...maybe because he wrote kill all in caps lock i dunno
Posted: 4/19/2005 2:04:55 AM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

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:) Unfortunately, the thereminist I had in mind told me he sold his theremin and gave up on the pursuit. Anyone else in the Northwest able to help out?
Posted: 4/19/2005 11:01:20 AM

From: Seattle

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Hi. I am in touch with them. At this point we have a small demo sessions sceduled in a few weeks on my Etherwave Pro, and then we are talking about the paranormal/RCA event.

Posted: 5/4/2005 1:14:45 PM

From: COWafornia

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OK ... but what does a theremin have to do with UFOs except "B" moovies?
Posted: 5/4/2005 4:26:49 PM

From: Seattle

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The best UFO movie of all time, and a great movie across any genre, is The Day the Earth Stood Still. The Theremin played a key role.

But regardless, most people know of it as that odd instrument from the old B sci-fi movies, if they know it at all.

For me, being able to share it is just fun. Nothing more. Nothing less. The venue of a paranormal and UFO conference makes it slightly more so!

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