Had fun giging the OSB reunion

Posted: 8/15/2005 10:52:06 PM

From: Portland, OR, USA, Terra, Sol, Milkyway

Joined: 3/1/2005

I just did my second gig at the reunion for the Oregon State School for the Blind in Salem, OR, which was held this last weekend. They let me join the band for the Saturday night dance. I sat quite a few songs out. But when my friend who does not own a theremin, yet, got up to give it a try, I did go ahead and joined in. I think alot of people did enjoy the unique instrument. Last Sunday, on the OSB alumni net, which is a ham radio net, where all the ham radio license carrying OSB allumni check in to discuss things about the school and the bi-annual reunions, I asked how they liked me playing theremin in the band. I was told I made a lot of noise through the 150 watt amp they had me hooked to and said I can join them at the next reunion, if I practiced. Oh well:), what can I expect after only 5 months owning/practing my theremin. Fortunately the reunions are held every 2 years giving plenty of practice time. I can't wait to see what I can do 2 years from now.:)

My first gig was back in July at Oral Hull Park in Sandy, OR. I played a 3 song set(Amazing Grace, The Entertainer, When the Saints Come Marching In) for the talent show at Oral Hull Park's adult summer camp. Feedback from one of my friends indicated that it was hard to recognize Amazing Grace, but The Entertainer and When the Saints Come Marching In were more recoginizable. Everybody there did have a really good time despite my theremin playing. One girl came up during the talent show and did Amazing Grace on my theremin. It was only the second time she played the theremin and the song was recognizable if you listened carefully. I kept my theremin a secret from my friends before taking it to the camp. The Monday of the camp week I played reveille to wake my fellow campers. One of my friends really enjoyed playing my theremin and is right now in the market for a theremin himself.

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