Theremin - for ladies only?

Posted: 11/13/2005 9:37:18 AM

From: SG

Joined: 8/20/2005

A provocative subject matter, I know! ;-)
But I've been wondering, the 3 most well known thereminists are all of the fairer sex.
With the exception of the Theremin's inventor, are great performers of theremins "destined" to be females only?!! :-o
Posted: 11/13/2005 12:14:39 PM

From: Madrid, Spain

Joined: 2/19/2005

Well, you know, this same question I had from the beginning. I asked this same thing to Carolina Eyck this summer. She had no answer too to this question.

That's because it is not true. Peter Pringle, Masami Takeuchi, Jairo Moreno, Robbie Virus... and many other good thereminists, are all men. ;)
Posted: 11/14/2005 3:39:30 PM

From: Jax, FL

Joined: 2/14/2005

I think we just notice the ladies more. (I mean, I certainly do!)

Maybe the men notice the women because they are men (and therefor pigs. Just kidding.)

The women probaly notice because there sumply aren't always many women out there playing gigs, at least not in popular music, anyway.

A girl that comes to a lot of our gigs played mine recently (see the "therminist Groupies" thread and she looked great doing it.

I noticed.

I never seem to take as much notice when it's a guy who comes up to try it out.

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