ISSUE Project Room - Brooklyn, NY - Dec. 2, 2005

Posted: 11/20/2005 11:34:09 PM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

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Dorit Chrysler passed this along today. It definitely sounds like fun!

ISSUE Project Room
400 Carroll Street
Brooklyn, New York

December 2 2005
8pm $10

ISSUE Project Room and composer/musician Dorit Chrysler, best known for her theremin style, launch the new series of events based on investigating the sound and range of the theremin. As well, the series will ultimately create the Theremin Orchestra, an innovative
ensemble of musicians who are composing new music for the theremin and who are interested in using the instrument in sound performances today. The first concert in the series takes place on Friday, December 2, 2005 at 8:00 pm and will feature solos and various theremin combinations by a wide-range of today's skilled theremin players, including Chrysler, Armin Ra, Anthony Ptak, David Simons & Rob Schwimmer.

Invented 1919 by Russian electro physicist Lev Sergejewitch Termen, the Theremin generates sound without being touched. Notoriously hard to play, it is one of the first electronic instruments that inspired the creation of synthesizers in future generations.

Historically, the theremin is one of the earliest electronic instruments, introduced to audiences in the early 19th century. Subsequently, it served as the basis form from which electronic musical instruments of the 20th century were later developed. Although originally intended for classical music performance, the theremin instead found its success supplying 'eerie' background music for countless motion pictures. Whether that it is due to its unusual frequency and vibrato effects, or the challenge posed upon the player to master its technique, the theremin has never been a widely-played instrument.

Yet today, among fields of electronic musicians, many more are rediscovering the potential of the theremin and exploring its complex and expressive sounds, pitches, movements, and gestures through various styles and media.

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