Screw learning another instrument

Posted: 2/17/2007 4:27:01 PM

From: sunnyvale california

Joined: 1/28/2007

OK, so I mentioned below I want to learn a "real" instrument so........

over the last 2 years I've tried several, thought I was onto something with the flute of all things, sure I can blow any note I finger, at least in the middle octave but....... I'm finding out you have to hold the thing in a certain way, for some notes like C you need to hold hardly anything and holding onto the thing is about as easy as holding onto a live trout. And you have to hold it in this very "neutral" way, not using fingers you use to finger, to hold it or you run into real problems fingering notes later and going from note to note.

And there are whole web pages, nay, a whole INDUSTRY devoted to flutists' hand problems! Oh yeah, I have TINY hands.

I could always go back to the clarinet (with hopes later for sax) but due to a "vampire" tooth I tend to drool. That's fixable, by strengthening my lips, perhaps some dental work. But a sax worth owning costs more than Moog's new Etherwave - most cost several Etherwaves Pro's. I kinda wanted to play a "real" instrument that didn't cost an arm and a leg.

My conclusion: Screw it, just screw it. I realize the usefulness of learning a bit of piano or keyboard, just like violinists and singers learn, and I'm sure I can pick up a cheep electric piano or something if I keep my eyes open, but it looks like it's definately the theremin for me!

I've been screwing around with the flute for a few weeks and not touching, er, not not-touching, my theremin during this time. Just now, I turned it on - hmm my little baby needs a little adjustment - and played some neat stuff. Maybe not neat in the absolute sense, but neat to me - some scales and interval stuff and this little melody from Quadrophenia I've always liked.

And no matter how well something else is played, it will never sound like a Theremin.

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