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Posted: 12/5/2011 9:07:15 PM

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Randomly found this today:


Welcome to the Electronic Thing-A-Week! In each class, you'll work on and finish a different electronics kit with some cool function. As you build the kit, instructors will be around to help you improve your technique and explain a little bit about what the circuit is doing. As the session progresses, the kits will get harder to understand and more difficult to solder, and you'll slowly build up your soldering skills as you progress. Students can choose to purchase every session of the series in a bundle, or can purchase each session individually.

Session 1: LED Blinky Kit

Build a circuit that alternates blinking two LEDs. This is a simple circuit with easy-to-solder parts that will make a great introduction to soldering.

Session 2: Sound to Light Modulator

Work on a modulator kit that transforms sounds into pulsating light. The components on this board are still easy to solder and understand, but the circuit is a little more complex.

Session 3: Optical Theremin

Create your own instrument! The optimal theremin controls sound based on the amount of light that reaches its sensor. This is a more complex circuit than the others, with smaller parts.


There are just 8 tickets left as of this posting!

More information: http://electronicthingaweekjanuary-esearch.eventbrite.com/?srnk=1

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