Hello ;-) New here but not too new anymore with theremins ;-)

Posted: 4/10/2012 4:07:15 PM

From: Weert, Limburg, the Netherlands

Joined: 4/10/2012

Hello All ;-)


Most of you who are on Facebook & Youtube already might know me for a bit ;-) My name is Marielle, I live in the Netherlands (like Thorwald), I'm new on ThereminWorld, but I already play theremin for 3 years ;-)

I'm not quite into PhP fora as I always get stuck with it as I always get lost into posts ... I guess this is more due to my legally blindness than due to something else as I easily get lost in overseeing all the threads ;-) So, that's why I mighten't post that much.

For the rest: I play keys for 30 years, I live in a way too small house (with way too much environmental stress) with my Clan (3 doggies & 2 birdies), I love photo/video/sound editing, drawing, photography & more ... Way too much hobbies, haha!

Aw yeah ... I wanted to send some comment on Lydia's post about Barbara, but I always got troubles with reading those strange confirmation images :-( Anyway, I just want to let y'all know I feel so sorry for Barbara's loss :-( Just remember her with all the good moments, enclose them into your hearts and souls and embrace all the good times you've spent together with Barbara!


Love, Light, Warmth & Strength to all of you!


Marielle :D

Posted: 4/10/2012 6:27:33 PM

From: In between the Pitch and Volume hand ~ New England

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Hello Marielle!

I am so glad you decided to join us! I will not feel so alone anymore (not many female posters on this forum) in this sea of testosterone haha :)

Welcome to TW! :)

Posted: 4/10/2012 8:27:55 PM

From: Weert, Limburg, the Netherlands

Joined: 4/10/2012

Hahaha! Amey, you are so funny, as always!

But hmmm ... I think it's not that bad at all when there will be a more balance between male & female energies eh? :p


Marielle (who's burning some candle & incense for Barbara) :D

Posted: 4/10/2012 11:14:46 PM

From: Flying with the Phoenix

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Welcome to TW. You may remember me as "pogod28" over on youtube. I first heard you play your jaycar Theremin before I even got a Theremin myself. I enjoy your recent playing a lot more. ;~) I have a shiatsu also, so know what you mean about a stressful environment. (Just kidding) I am not a "female" so you and Amey are on your own. Still glad you are aboard.

In His Service --- Dana


Posted: 4/10/2012 11:25:18 PM

From: Weert, Limburg, the Netherlands

Joined: 4/10/2012

Yeah! I know that YT usersname ;-)

... I think that Moogies are WAY easier to play than Jaycars, hehe! But in the beginning ... LOL! ... I REALLY had to get used on my Moogy's width and I often had the habit to play it "narrow" like a Jaycar ... :p Now it's more in some reverse way, haha!

AS theremins are well emo-meters, you sometimes can hear the stress & frustration in someone's playing too if this person is stressed & frustrated ;-) This environment also causes me too much muscular tension in my neck & shoulders which leads to RSI like thingies, especially in my right ulnar nerve so that's also why I haave adapted my hand & finger techniques through time 'cause to exclude that fricking ulnar nerve as much, as it otherwise gets more like if my right lower arm has been in a refridgerator ... :-s

Nice to meet you here again Dana, never mind, boy or girl, as long as the atmosphere is nice overhere, isn't it?


Marielle :D

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