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Looks like the Google doodle has attracted a record number of visitors to our website today!  Welcome!  Bob Moog's birthday is a marvelous reason to learn about the theremin, and we welcome any questions you have.  You'll find that people here are quite passionate about the theremin and also quite knowledgable.  We love helping people discover the instrument and its music!



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All Souls Night

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I have posted this in Wanted/for sale


I am a professional singer (classical, music theatre, Celtic and cabaret) and I am looking to buy and learn the Theremin. I have played an RCA Theremin in a friend's apartment and of course that sound (somewhere between a beautiful singer and violin) is to me the most beautiful and what I would aspire to have. A beautiful instrument.

Realistically and financially I have to set my sights a little lower though. Especially at first. My question is which of today's models have the best sound?

I hate the sound of the Moog etherwave. It is flat sounding, not many overtones, pitch is not linear, so certain notes sound pitchy and as it gets higher, it sounds like a bad singer trying to screech out the notes. There is no height in the sound. The pro seems a bit better but out of my price range at this time, if you can even get one.

The problems with the Burns B3 Deluxe is that it looses quality as you get lower in pitch, the antennas are flimsy and cheesy looking. But I like the sound, personally a little better than the Moog etherwave. It seems the pitch is more consistant.

I am looking at a company in Italy called Pegna which manufactures them with tubes which is much warmer to my ear. (as a singer, I prefer mics with vaccum tubes to digital, when I use a mic) Does anyone know about this company? Has anyone actually heard this live? The mp3 they have posted is lovely.

Your help in this matter from all you theremin knowledgeable people would be greatyl appreciated.

ALL SOULS NIGHT is the name of the Band we want to use the Theremin in. But we are more classicaly trained and oriented so I want the best sound, not just sound effects. I intend to use it like a classical instrument.



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