The Difference in the Phoenix is an Enigma

Posted: 2/2/2013 9:37:37 PM
RS Theremin

From: 60 mi. N of San Diego CA

Joined: 2/15/2005

Anytime I think I have made a personal discovery of significance I like to rename the entire theremin project. Now that I have commercially made circuit boards, they embody everything I know, I like to think my Phoenix webpage is my theremin journey winding down.
I taught myself electronics along the way and discovered theremins are best built knowing what is available to work with. My design is 1970's technology using ordinary components very available today. There is a spirit found in heterodyning that must be decoded into that analogue vocal sound.

Everyone knows I can’t play a tune so I like to sweep the vocal range using a two transistor single diode detection theremin. This sample below is direct to sound card, no reverb or filters, it’s not an enigma it is entertainment on these slow winter days.

There is some negative artifact in the background, remember this is raw. It sounds more like a choir boy than a Soprano?   The Phoenix  .mp3 90kb


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