Seeking a Theremin Instructor

Posted: 7/25/2013 12:06:14 AM

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Hi, I'm new to playing the theremin, and I'm eager to improve. I bought the Moog Etherwave kit, finally got it to function, and I just finished the instructional DvD it came with. The internet has a considerable amount of information, but I'd like some one-on-one instruction with someone who's experienced. Since as far as I can tell, no one in my town plays a theremin, I was thinking of paying someone to have a handful of skype lessons with, to ensure my theremin is tuned properly, I'm using the right hand positions, they could give me some practice material, and so on. 
 Thank you, and pass this on if you know someone! 

Posted: 7/25/2013 2:08:13 AM

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Thomas Grillo teaches over Skype. Many people do... Find on the net a playing technique that you admire and see if that person teaches. Where are you from?

Posted: 7/31/2013 4:24:43 PM

From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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"Since as far as I can tell, no one in my town plays a theremin"

I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and have had an ad on Craigslist for almost a year looking for another theremin player in the far I seem to be the only one LOL!  

You may also want to try Thomas Grillo's instructional CD for only $9.99 on Amazon.  The editing on it is a bit choppy at times but I found it to be very helpful.  He has a very non intimidating style of teaching and it fees like he in in the room with you.

BTW I am not being paid for this promotion ;^)

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