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Hello, I'm looking for a good theremin teacher in Belgium.

Posted: 8/20/2013 9:23:19 AM

From: Colmar, France

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You most probably will not find one. Theremin teachers are rare and most of European thereminists are used to travel to theremin gatherings where lessons and masterclasses are offered.

Examples: The Without Touch Festival in Lippstadt/Northern Germany (every two years in November), the Theremin Summer Academy in Colmar/France (every year in July), the NODE Festival in Lausanne/Switzerland (every year in January).

Another way would be to contact one of the following theremin teachers and arrange with them for a intense working weekend (i.e. 2 hours of lessons on Saturday and another 2 hours on Sunday, more does usually not make sense) and combine it with some touristic activities:
- Lydia Kavina (Oxford/UK)
- Carolina Eyck (Leipzig/DE)
- Thorwald Jørgensen (Dordrecht/NL)
- Wilco Botermans (Den Haag/NL)
- Coralie Ehinger (Lausanne/CH)
- Thierry Frenkel (Colmar/FR)

You'll find all these people and also informations about the events cited above on Facebook.

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Thank you! I'll check it out.

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