There might be hope...

Posted: 11/23/2013 12:54:54 AM

From: Scotland

Joined: 9/27/2012

Just back from an evening fiddle concert, two bands and chat with socialising afterwards.

Chatting to the 'main' fiddler in the headlining band, after a few minutes he mentioned that he'd seen my posts in Facebook about the theremin and that we should get together and do a 2/4 pipe march sometime.

Now this cheered me on two levels: one that a fiddle player of distinction (BBC Scotland young trad musician of the year 2009) wanted to have a music jam session and two, that he knew what a theremin was!

Ok, 2/4 pipe marches are intricate tunes and definitely beyond my playing ability (just now...) but the relevant thing here is that he had the notion that a 2/4 could be played on a theremin!

Not just a woooo  wooooooo noise maker!

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