Moog Theremini!

Posted: 3/11/2021 5:29:25 PM

From: The East of Netherlands

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After an initial period of frustration about a techical issue, with rather fruitless time consuming email conversation with Moog Music customer service people, and finally diagnosing and solving the problem I was having with it on my own, I found it an enjoyable stepping stone into the world of theremins. The Theremini and the possibilities it does give, even though it has it's own particular quirks, make it quite a lot of fun and challenge. It's a pity when newcomers (here in the forums and in beginning to learn and play theremin) feel chased away instead of getting pointers and encouragement to explore. I guess it does take a certain stubbornness and being able to tolerate and/or transform frustrations with this instrument, and probably as much or even more to work on inner and outer balance so the hands, arms and body which make up the interface and the only part of the instrument that is being played, as the thereminist is an integral part of (completing the electronic circuit) of the theremin.

The dynamic balance between the inner self and the external self, between our male and female aspects, between pitch (frequency modulation) and expression (amplitude modulation), the inner and outer ear and the coordination and nerve (re)wiring enabling precise hand-ear coordination, I tend to regard it as a musical neurofeedback form of yoga and/or tai-chi.

This also means there is room for many individual styles, interpretations and approaches, and there is not mcuh yet in terms of established rules and schools, so one needs to be a bit stubborn and prepared to probe out one's own way, while also seeking and absorbing information, realizing that not everything that is said and written is automatically valid and true within one's own developement and learning journey. Please don't give up so easily, Sadbanjo.

Posted: 3/11/2021 7:34:19 PM

From: Portland, Oregon

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Since we've revived this thread I'll go ahead and post this video from Tears of Sirens. Their arrangement incorporates both an Etherwave Pro + a Theremini. Very good and creative I thought


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