etherwave L5 drives me coockoo

Posted: 3/17/2014 11:31:05 PM

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hi all,

since i opened my etherwave plus field upgrade, and waiting hardly for the ESPE01 module to get installed , i made some rearrangements for the volume-antenna: it works now the opposite-way, like my beloved DIY "145harrison", and was easily done. but the hotrodding manual was not very helpful,because the part-layout has changed. so the official support suggested try and error! what i did.:wrong side of R35! the new 13700 ic works perfect and all is fine. so i could provide a picture of the finished work, if any bodys into it. my pcb-board is serie 211C. and the coils are hexed ones.(CW they go down,CCW they come up). tuning the L11 volume was the same as in the manual with voltmeter, and acoustically honed in. BUT and now my questions starts: i read about all these different approaches of tuning L6/L5 in about all recommended links etc. but still don't get it. i have done it so far that i can touch/grab the pitch antenna and let go, the tone does not flip lower or higher but just flows in with a good narrow playability. so i just guess i made something right on L5.?  tuning L6 for zero-beat at 12oclock: rock! instead of drilling holes/or the 100 times cover on/off trip, i put some batteries as a a dummy load on the alu-foil near the adjustment wire. works for me, or bad idea? so as thierry always recommends don't touch! i did, and i hope his avatar doesn't go rrogntudiüü. ;_) but i have no frequency counter to check some ideal frequency for that circuit. nor would i know where to mesure anything. but i have a old hameg hm132-scope. would this be helpful? i barely remember how it works.maybe i took the sentence "tuning the coils is a kind of art" too literaly. but it is. i actually want to know: is it possible with my humble equipment to check the correct frequency of the oscillator? is this necessary? that cw/ccw circus can drive me mad like hell. so while  the box is opened and the iron hot: any ideas to create something soundshapping? maybe around the 13700? i only know that chip from my mfos mini synth! and there it works as a cool vcf & i love the cv out of the plus! non esoteric enhancements are welcome. btw.: i'm going to implant a 50k multiturn pot  for the pitchpot. stupid idea? 

so far  so many questions

kindest dani



Posted: 3/19/2014 12:33:25 AM
RS Theremin

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Hello Dani,

I have a webpage if read with purpose could solve some issues for you.



Posted: 3/19/2014 1:53:29 AM

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thanx christopher,

love your site since long. i played around with coils on a jaycar years ago by your help i achieved quite sone results on linearity, i also might try your 5$ trick. i'm looking for a more "wood"-sound. love your antennas. i go and look for a used older radio tomorrow, to tune my oscillators.this tripple-frequency-thing.actually: all i read here is "don't touch L5." or: "i provide  further information later",but nothing with more informations. or the thread goes offtopic. i like this website. specially that theremini/gearsluz post.cork sniffers...i guess with my actual setup for L5/L6 im'm on the save side. as long theres no fire in the-remin...;-°

dont't touch L5:yeah, well i did an now? i just need some: "get your hameg turned on and check on point X for Y".but i think i wait for the ESPE and the 5k multiturn volumepot! 


Posted: 3/24/2014 11:59:41 AM

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so i'm back in the good tuned area with my coils. it was a deep-search journey through this entire site,because it's somewhat messy in here. i think the best way to get a theremin tuned back from a detuned state is to follow the instructions given by amos. for the frequency of the highest notes i used a iphone with a frequency-generator-app and two headphones: theremin one ear & iphone in the other. mind the volume! then its more like tuning a guitar in perfect fret intonation.but mind the volume for tinitus.

also: i drilled holes in my cover. took all my courage but it's much more easier to tune. so while have it allready open i replaced the jumper j6 on the ews-plus board with a spst-switch,mounted where the power led was, so i can change from pitch-preview to normal audio. cool feature. maybe it doesn't matter, but i switch this only when the unit is turned off. kinda safety-first. i guess i have to put my power-led now somewhere else,in the back of the cover, connected over the big C, like thierry recommended somewhere else in this forum.

Christopher: the radio tuning, works, and i could get a signal throughout all the multiple frequencies of about 288 kHz. but the higher up i dial the radio the signal gets weaker. i guess thats normal.

and of course:the ESPE01 module: great great great. through my bass equipment it's "trumpets of jericho"! easy to install.

if someone around my area, zürich,CH,would like to finetune my etherwave i would give my hameg-scope away for free!

Posted: 3/24/2014 12:36:46 PM

From: Colmar, France

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xtheremin8, I'm located at ~150km from Zürich, in Colmar, Alsace, France. You are cordially invited to come here (preferably during a weekend when I'll have more free time) to get the tuning of your instrument optimized in my atelier. You may contact me by email service(at)theremin(dot)tf or call me (null, null, drei, drei, sechs, sieben, fünf, acht, zwei, acht, null, eins, vier) for an appointment.

The Hameg deal sounds interesting but we might also agree on small, used and not consecutively numbered bills... ;-)

Posted: 3/24/2014 6:28:50 PM

From: züriCH

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thierry, i'll do that! it will shure take me till may, but i'll email you the rest. good luck in leipzig.

i thought the hameg would attract more mice..;-)

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