Theremins in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe) ?!

Posted: 11/20/2014 5:46:22 PM

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Since it's Theremin WORLD, I decided to check if you can help me.

As you probably guessed I want to buy a Teremin (preferably in Europe).

Here are my concerns:

- I have never played any musical instrument in my life.

- There is no music shop in Bulgaria, that has a Teremin I can test.

- I don't want to spend 300$ on something I might suck at or don't like it all.


Can you advise me, on how to find a cheap Teremin, second hand, partially broken, to rent onen anything! :).


My reason for wanting a Teramin is pretty straighforward! I feel it with my gut, heart and soul! I feel the same emotions, as when I was first in love, I cannot stop thinking how my motion is going to be translated in sound, vibration and music. Just by thinking of it, I imagine myself playing it with closed eyes, lost in my own world, not caring about the sounds I make, just being one with the sound.

Five years ago I purchased a discounted snowboard gear (during the summer) with my holiday savings. I am not a pro now, but I feel conftable riding any track I want and I have tons of fun. I have the same gut feeling now, but 300$ a month sallary here. I hope you understand my concern and maybe someone will be able to help me, somehow....



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From: züriCH

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hello slaavi,  no musicstore to try one is a bit sad. :-(( you could buy a etherwave on ebuy or so, and resell it, if you don't like it. without or only small loss. but if you like it, you allready have a good, reliable instrument. and you'll like it. if your guts say so, do so. and if you can sing a melodie, you might be able to handle the beast! 

if you buy one online, make sure, you like the sound and the infos they offer you. some european theremin manufacturers, i can think of are: 

lostvolts ,nice video.

nano theremin ,a bit too much effects on those mp3's, me thinks.

haven't played those two, so i can't tell. but/or:


very cool  sounding new V2 boards. needs a arduino for function, and you need to bend your own antennas. and also some soldering.

btw, if you are skilled with the iron, and basic electronics, you could also go for a kit. like from ,cheaply, Jaycar (i like that stringy sound) or, not so cheaply, paia (what to say?) or build one on your own right away. maybe try the legendary "thierrymin" or a minimum theremin to get the addiction of non touching pitch only instruments. the cost for parts is about 20€ and you'll get them easily in a electronic shop.

there is lots of info on thereminworld anyway. welcome


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Thank you for your reply! I really appreciate it!

Probably I'll have LostVolts one for X-Mass.

Maybe I'll be able to share something with you :)



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