Anyone else seen a "ThairAglide" addition?

Posted: 12/29/2014 12:03:34 AM

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Edmund Eagan, one of the dedicated players of the Haken Continuum  (a remarkable device and IMHO the most important and original musical interface devised since the theremin) has just released an album of compositions that are self-generated. The sounds themselves are all creations of the composer but what they are doing, in other words what you HEAR, are patterns generated by the matrix itself. There is no input from a human hand on the instrument.


I would love to know what people here think of this.

Posted: 12/29/2014 7:12:43 AM

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"I would love to know what people here think of this" - coalport

Some lovely sounds and "atmospheres" but IMO, thats it.

This does not mean that I would never buy an album like this or listen to it from start to finish - but I need to be in a really spaced-out state to enjoy stuff like this - right now I find it boring after a few minutes.

The Sea-organ of Zadar is, to me, far more 'musical' than the matrix produced stuff in the above (and I could listen to it continuously and not get terminally bored) .. Some how, the matrix produces (IMO) comparatively boring sequences with little / no element of surprise.. Jump the track ahead (or back) to any point and usually there is no noticeable discontinuity.. At least with Zadar there are some unexpected musical "events".

So - I can enjoy structured music composed by humans, and I can enjoy (some) experimental music composed by humans, and I almost always enjoy music (like birdsong or Zadar) "composed" by nature.. But, as yet, I have not found any music produced by computers or other logic machines that I really enjoy - and continumata hasn't changed this for me.

In fact, I find this album something of a puzzle... You have one of the best interfaces on which to play music, but instead you leave the instrument to play itself ??! ... It really reminds me a bit of the TerrorMeenie with its Any-Mug sound engine.. At least with the Meenie the interface is crap so leaving the sound engine to "do its own thing" would make some sense...


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