OT: Ukulele, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, Hawaiian Music

Posted: 7/28/2015 10:16:50 PM

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This Hawaiian theremin playing is beautiful! :)


Looking around here and the new LevNet, it seems I'm not the only one who loves Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - his voice is peaceful, he's quite handsome, and I know he's said some inspiring things regarding spirituality and music therapy that are quite similar to the beliefs of Bob Moog!

It seems some think the ukulele is silly, but I do play it :D Clara Venice thinks it's cool :)



Posted: 8/1/2015 4:03:29 AM

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Hey ThereminCat,

Bruddah IZ was true Native American, a beautiful person. You will enjoy this sound track that BW has ignored to date.


Posted: 8/1/2015 4:51:36 AM

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Yes, he was so kind and gentle, with a sweet spirit like Bob Moog. I hope they are playing music together :)

i have had a few dreams where IZ and I are together. In one he was younger and we were friends playing on the beach. Another was quite sad. We sat on a hill (this one pictured below) and played the ukulele. Before we finished the song, he said he had to leave. I protested so he stayed for a few more. But eventually he gave me a hug and walked away. I think it was a reminder that he left us too soon. :(

Speaking of this picture, doesn't he look magnificent in it? *^_^*

Thanks for sharing that beautiful song.. :) I've heard it done by the Beach Boys. And it's from what I think is their best sounding time, the late 60s :)

Here are some songs by IZ that I like. :)

I have found a solution so that my long TW posts do not take time away that I should be spending with my new theremin. She sits next to me and I am borrowing a tablet computer I can set on the floor :) The tablet also makes for good accompaniment when I find karaoke tracks on Youtube :) 

i finally introduced myself and my theremin on the roll call. I have named her Carmen. Nice to meet you again OldTemecula :)

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