Moog Theremini

Posted: 9/27/2017 5:07:10 PM

Joined: 9/27/2017

When i first heard about the theremin, one of my first exposures was a video of the Moog Theremini. i ended up buying one. my only complaint is that the "Classic Theremin" preset doesn't sound like a theremin. any recommendations for a new theremin that's inexpensive and works well?

Posted: 9/27/2017 9:00:26 PM

From: züriCH

Joined: 3/15/2014

hi ndean, unless you tweak the midi-side of the theremini by the editor or elsewise, it never sounds anything close to a theremin. i remember using thomas grillos presets and obtaining  something halfway-close to a etherwave sound. but it's a shitstrument anyway.

sell it and go for the etherwave standard or plus (if you can use the cv's)

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